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Bill will fight for our freedoms, families and future.

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FIGHT Government Mandates

It is time to end government mandates in Michigan for good.

We should never again allow government to close businesses and shut down our economy. The unconstitutional mandates we experienced over the past two years ruined our small businesses and destroyed countless jobs. Liberal elites used the pandemic to encroach on our civil liberties and attempted to control our lives, while brazenly choosing NOT to follow their own mandates. A “rules for thee, but not for me” approach is wrong.

SUPPORT 2nd Amendment Rights

I am a gun owner, hunter and a proud member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). I will always defend our 2nd Amendment rights in Lansing. I believe that the 2nd Amendment provides the freedom to bear arms for sporting, hunting, collection and defense of your home, family and property.

CUT Taxes and STOP Reckless Government Spending

Michiganders are overtaxed. It is the duty of your representatives to be good stewards of YOUR taxpayer dollars. We need to make Michigan the most dynamic state in the country to start your business, grow your enterprise and create jobs. We should cut taxes for ALL Michiganders. While Biden-inflation is cutting into your paycheck, your representatives in Lansing should return money to your wallet.

Energy and the Great Lakes Tunnel

Remember the low gas prices of the Trump Administration? The United States was once energy independent.  But the lack of any coherent energy policy from the Biden Administration has caused sky-high gas prices and crippled domestic energy production and supply. We need to empower and explore all sources of domestic energy production to keep energy affordable for Michiganders.

For Michigan’s economic and energy future, we must build the Great Lakes Tunnel. This provides safety and security for our Great Lakes, reliable energy at the lowest possible cost – and it would create good paying jobs. A win-win-win for all Michiganders.


EDUCATION: Parents in Charge, NOT State Bureaucrats

Two tenets are critical when it comes to our children’s education.

First, parents must be in charge of their child’s education. Nobody cares more about their children than their parents. Remote teaching and mask policies harmed learning, particularly for children from low-income families. Parents are best positioned to make educational decisions for their child, not bureaucrats in Lansing.

Second, we need to make sure our schools are open for in-person learning. Our kids were set back by bad decisions made by government and education “leaders.” We must invest in opportunities for parents to help their children make up for lost learning, especially to build fundamental skills in reading, writing and math.

SUPPORT Local Law Enforcement & OPPOSE Defunding the Police

This was a great region to grow up in because of the values of our families. Our families expect and deserve safe streets and secure neighborhoods. Our brave men and women in Law Enforcement do so much to keep us safe. I will always have their back and defend them against attacks from the woke left.

PROMOTE Skilled Trades & Local Career Pathways

Skilled trades provide rewarding career opportunities that can support a family. We should enhance and expand job training and apprenticeship programs in our state. For Michigan to compete for jobs of the future, we need to prepare our workforce with the skills for the future. That means thinking outside of the box to help our young people get equipped for a career. I am proud to be the only candidate running for the 95th district to be endorsed by the Associated Builder & Contractors of Michigan. I will always support our skilled trades.


I am proudly Pro-Life and will stand up for the rights of the unborn and the elderly. I am opposed to partial birth abortion and taxpayers’ funding of abortion. I am honored to receive the exclusive endorsement of Right to Life of Michigan PAC.


HONEST and EASY Voting & Voter ID Requirements

Every Michigander must have confidence in the integrity and accuracy of our elections. This is why I support common-sense voter integrity measures like Photo ID requirements and Secure MI Vote. Photo ID for voting is not a burdensome requirement. You often must show an ID to board an airplane or cash a check. Photo ID requirements will go a long way in restoring faith in our elections. Voting must also be accessible for everyone, which is why I support the Republican legislature’s efforts to provide free IDs to anyone who can’t afford one to ensure everyone has an ID to vote.

National Popular Vote (NPV)

I strongly oppose the NPV compact because it would erode the voices of states in the heartland of America to elect the President of the United States. Our founding fathers created the electoral college to ensure all states have a meaningful voice in choosing our national leaders. The NPV would erode Michigan’s voice in favor of big liberal states like California and New York.

REBUILD the Dams

We need to rebuild the dams and bring back our lakes. They are economic and recreational treasures of our region that need to be restored. Homeowners deserve to have their property values restored and business owners deserve to regain their livelihoods. This starts with repairing the Smallwood, Secord, Wixom and Sanford dams.

The recent approval of $200 million for dam repair by our regional leaders is a great example of teamwork between our local legislators and the Four Lakes Task Force. In Lansing, I will continue this leadership and collaboration to make sure the lakes we treasure are restored.

INVEST in Flood Reduction Projects

We also need to strengthen our resiliency and reduce the frequency and severity of legacy flooding issues. On rainy days in April, area residents should not have to worry about their basements flooding. I will support continued investments in flood reduction infrastructure to solve this problem for good.

FIGHT for a Full Recovery

The dam failures and floods in 2020 were devastating for our communities. We are on the path to recovery because of the dedication and perseverance of our local leaders and residents. But I know the recovery isn’t over. I will fight for every available state and federal resource to rebuild mid-Michigan.


The track record of Joe Biden is that of a weak and failed President.

The Biden Administration has failed the American people by the tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the absence of any security on our southern border, sky-high gas prices, supply chain shortages and rampant inflation which hurts the most those who can least afford it.

The January 6, 2021 assault on the United States Capitol building was an assault on America democracy. Those who ransacked the U.S. Capitol and violated the law should be prosecuted. Those who gathered outside the Capitol have the right to assemble peacefully and express their right to free speech.